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How To Future Proof Your SEO

In the last couple of years Google have knocked SEO’ers around more than the last decade. And here’s the thing … all of these nasty little updates they are doing are designed to bring their Search Engine in line with their original goal – “Presenting the end user with the most relevant results as quickly […]

Google Disavows Links – Handle With Care!

Ok… Google have made another update and this is a doozey! No I’m not talking about the latest Panda or Penguin refresh, or the EMD (exact match domains) update. Today we’re talking about the ability to ‘Disavow’ your existing links, especially if you think they are affecting your online footprint and causing your ranking in […]

Setting Up Rich Snippets For A Video Post

Rich Snippets are turning up everywhere in the SERP’s as a result of Bloggers and Publishers marking up their content to make it more visible in the search engines. And Why Wouldn’t You? Rich snippets allow you to put a break in the sometimes mundane search engine results, with information showing the same result in […]

How Do I Get My Website To Perform

In any successful business there are a series of smaller elements that come together in order to create a good model. These are really very basic pointers that most people understand and cover off before they open their doors. A few of these elements include: A business name A company logo that people can easily […]

SEO and Social Media

For the last 2 years, Google have pro-actively integrated social media (especially twitter) through ‘Google Realtime search’. It shows the strength of social media, especially when comments are re-tweeted and in certain circumstances, shown in the Search Engine Results Pages. Sounds like a good idea for a person searching on a certain topic? If a […]