The Purpose Of A Landing Page And The Key Elements Of Landing Pages

Have you ever created a landing page for your business and the result was no where near where you expected? The reality is a good landing page comes as a result of lining up a number of critical components which would be best described as putting all of the pieces of a puzzle in the right place.

We talk about the importance of landing page (especially if you’re using paid advertising), and demonstrate live examples of landing pages that WORK and the Why’s.

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What Is A Landing Page? – Time: 00:16
The 2 Types Of Landing Pages – Time: 00:57
The Purpose Of A Landing Page – Time: 2:25
The Key Elements Of A Landing Page – Time: 2:54
Your Ad Must Match You Offer – Time: 3:23
Other Critical Elements Of A Landing Page – Time: 4:08
Look At The Opportunity Of Landing Pages For Yourself – Time: 5:04
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Hey David Judge here and today we’re going to talk about…. Landing Pages and we’re going to explore the purpose of a landing page along with the key elements every landing page should have.

Now, before we get started and for those of you that are thinking ‘What’s a Landing Page’, let briefly jump in and explain….

Now I’m grabbing this from unbounce as I love the way they explain the idea of landing pages.

What Is A Landing Page?

Ok, as unbounce says, in the world of the online marketing a landing page is ‘standalone page that is separate from your main website’ that is designed with a single focus or objective.

This also means that your landing page keeps visitors separate from your main website.

The reason why this is set up this way is you want to make sure you are MAINTAINING the focus of the visitor to that action you want them to take, without allowing any distractions to get in the way.

The 2 Types Of Landing Pages

There are 2 types of landing pages…

‘Click Through’ and ‘Lead Generation’.

Click through pages are designed to educate a person around the benefits of a product designed to warm a person up and to assist with their buying decision.

The error a lot of businesses make when they are using ‘Paid Advertising’ to direct toward a site, is they direct visitors directly TO the product without warming them up first with all of the benefits of that product.

The other type is a ‘Lead Generation’ where you capture user data like their name and email address. The SOLE purpose of this page is to get peoples contact details so you can market to and connect in the future. When you use this type of landing page you need to give them a reason to complete their details.

A few examples that come to mind include:

A free e-Book
If you’re running a webinar
Discount coupons / vouchers
Entry for a competition
A free trial
A gift (like a physical gift)
Getting alerted to a new product

There are other examples that can be applied to your business with this giving you a basic guide.

The Purpose Of A Landing Page

So, why would you want to use landing pages?

Landing pages are most commonly used for paid advertising and are used to increase your conversions.

Lets face it, you’re paying every time a person clicks you want to maximise the possibility of getting a conversion and the ‘concept’ (as we said earlier) of a landing page is to Maintain the focus of the visitor.

If this is the first time you’re looking at this it should be starting to come together for you…

The Key Elements Of A Landing Page

Ok, lets now talk about the elements of a landing page, and to do that we need to talk about the ad you use to click to a landing page…

The ad you use should have a call to action. For example:

Get 10% off today Pink Lashes
Check out my new turtles
101 dog stories that’ll blow off your socks

Ok, maybe not the last one, but keep going with me here…

Your Ad Must Match You Offer

When I click on your ad, guess what I expect to see when I go to your landing page????

That’s right, that single offer. So if I’m clicking on a link about 101 dog stories to blow your socks off, I expect to see why 101 dog stories will have that effect as opposed to a generic home page where there are simply too many choices and distractions.

Now, I invested a little time on that first pointer as this is one of the biggest gaps businesses that use landing pages miss. They have a totally different message from the ad to the landing page and if I ask for a salad I don’t want to be given a cheeseburger. (is my analogy too left wing???).

Other Critical Elements Of A Landing Page

Anyway, let’s cover off a few other important elements of a landing page:

A headline that matches your ad
A sub headline that shares that same message as your headline
Your call to action above the fold
Testimonials that demonstrate why your product or service is sooo good
Benefit statements that explain the reasons they would want to use that product / service
Demonstrations of the product / service in use (video is great as it’s proven to increase conversions)
Social indicators (allow people to share on social channels and to like the product / service)
Any other cred builder (as used by …. or as featured in…)
And finally, the same congruent message throughout the whole page remembering your looking at a SINGLE message

So I have a little exercise for you as we finish up.

Look At The Opportunity Of Landing Pages For Yourself

Go to Google and perform a few searches and click on the paid ads related to that search and see how many businesses are following these basic principles. Every time I look I am awestruck at how many people are throwing their money away by not looking at these basic principles that are PROVEN to work!!!

What that means is there is a lot and I mean a LOT of opportunity here to get the maximum result by following this simple little formula and will ensure you’re getting the maximum ‘Bang for your Buck’.

Ok, let’s wrap up…

In the Next Video

In the next session we’re going to talk about The Top 5 Ways you can understand what your customer wants.

This won’t be a ‘what women want’ video as in all honesty it’s a lot easier to understand what your customer wants than a woman. (ha,ha,ha,ha)

If you have a question you would like me to answer make sure you get in contact and I love to hear from you.

As always this is David Judge talking online marketing and showing you how to grow your business online.