Email Marketing Tips For Small To Medium Business

Email Marketing is one of the MOST PROFITABLE methods for online marketing, yet is one of the most under used strategies for small to medium businesses.

In today’s strategy session we cover the top 7 tips to grow your business through email marketing and show you the secrets of the BIG GUYS and how they succeed, even if you’re on a small budget.


Time Stamps

Why It’s More Cost Effective To Approach Your Existing Customers – Time: 00:46
Top 7 Tips To Email Marketing – Time: 1:29
1. Make it easy and enticing for people to subscribe – Time: 1:36
2. Choose the software to manage your contacts – Time: 2:30
3. Send a welcome email – Time: 3:32
4. Create a template – Time: 4:29
5. Include special offers – Time: 5:00
6. Email with consistency (keep a calendar) – Time: 6:07
7. Measure your stats – Time: 6:37
In the next video – Time: 8:06


Hello and Welcome, David Judge here and Today I’m going to talk about why email marketing is important and how totally smash email marketing for your business.

This is a really juicy subject so we’re going to get right into it.

In my last video where I spoke about How Social You Should be in your business, I shared an interesting statistic that showed 86% of businesses that had an online marketing plan, used email marketing.

What I find really surprising around this stat is when I conducted my own research of asking 212 business owners if they use email marketing, only 16% said yes and of those 34 businesses, only half sent emails with regularity.

Why It’s More Cost Effective To Approach Your Existing Customers

On top of that lets consider the saying that It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. This statement that I just made was confirmed by Bain & Company in a survey of businesses.

Now, off the top of your head, do you think if you were to send an email to existing customers, asking them to buy more of your stuff (the right way of course) that you could get them to come back?

And based on the stats (6-7 times more to acquire a new customer) do you think it may be easier to get them to buy from you rather than get new customers?

Starting to make sense? Cool!

Top 7 Tips To Email Marketing

So lets go through now and look at the top 7 tips to email marketing that will help you to get more customers through your door!

1. Make it easy and enticing for people to subscribe

This means to make sure how a person can subscribe clear and simple to find. This can be on your website, email signature and social channels. Wherever I can find you online, I should see easily how I can subscribe to get more from you.

Also, make it enticing. Which sounds more enticing:

– 7 steps to gaining the competitive edge newsletter, or
– Sign up for my newsletter

If you are asking me to sign up, I want to know what’s in it for me, so make you give them a reason to give you their info.

2. Choose the software to manage your contacts

When I sent my very first email marketing campaign 14 years ago, I bought software that would sit on my computer. I would load all of my email addresses and tmy mailout and it would send one email after the next.

I would have to manually remove my unsubscribes, my list and the whole process was painful and SLOW.

Nowadays there are a lot of options where you may have an add-on as a part of your website. If you don’t have this you can use software like, MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response.

Mailchimp is a Free option if you want to just ‘dip the toe’ and they allow you to send up to 12,000 emails per month and to store up to 2000 contacts Free.

The main points here are to make sure your software makes it easy and clear on how they can unsubscribe and for you to get access to your stats (which i’ll mention shortly)

3. Send a welcome email

Yes, send them a welcome email. This lets them know you have received their contact details and if you’re really smart (using the software I mentioned above) you can set up what’s called an autoresponder sequence’.

What’s an autoresponder sequence? This is a series of preset emails that you can send out to your new subscribers. You can have as many emails as you like and the reason auto responders are awesome is you can set how many and the time gap between each email.

For example you could send 5 emails (that send automatically for you each spaced 1 week apart) that talk about other products or services you offer.

This is just one example of endless opportunities, seriously.


4. Create a template

A template is essentially how your emails / newsletters would look. Each message you send that is coming from your business should have the same look to it and should reflect your overall branding.

If you use one of the mail softwares I mentioned before, you can use one of their many templates which means a lot of the hard work here is done for you. All you have to do is add your headline to the top, your logo where you choose and what you’re going to send.
Which leads perfectly into number 5

5. Include special offers

I always like to include a special offer of some description with every email you send to your subscribers. An example… We arrange an email to a clients list of 2000 previous customers offering a Free Service (valued at $49.95) if they booked in for another product. The main product was $447 and the extra service took 5 mins and the cost on it was very low.

We sent 3 emails to his subscribers over a 7 day period and he was booked out 1 month in advance.

The moral of the story is not just that this worked really well, but also to really consider your offer and if it would get your target market to take ACTION. In other words, make your offer a fresh warm loaf of bread as opposed to a mouldy piece of toast.

6. Email with consistency (keep a calendar)

Like most online forms of marketing you need to have a plan. In reality when times get busy it’s really common to drop the activities that actually bring more money into your business, so If you have a schedule that you work on in advance you can delegate specific tasks which will ensure the ball keeps rolling.

7. Measure your stats

The stats are critical, especially as you want to understand what appeals to your subscribers. This will allow you to send them MORE of what they want which will in-turn make you more sales. Sound pretty simple right?

I’ve referred to the software I mentioned a few times now, so I’ll refer to it one more time. Mailchimp, aweber and get response all allow you to track important stats including:

– Open Rates – the % of people that open your email
– Click Through Rates – this is the % of people that open and click on a link in your email
– Unopens – the people that didn’t open your email at all
– Unsubscribes – the number of people that have unsubscribed from your list

As I mentioned, these stats are really important and when you combine these 7 tips together you are preparing yourself for massive success.

Businesses are literally making millions of dollars a year by asking their customers to come back and by using exceptionally affordable methods just like email marketing make it a massive No-Brainer!

In The Next Video

Ok, great. in the next video we’re going to talk about the ‘Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies if you’re on a tight budget’.

This is great for start up companies or if you want to do some online marketing, but don’t want to break the bank.

If you have a question you would like me to answer make sure you get in contact and I love to hear from you.

As always this is David Judge talking online marketing and showing you how to grow your business online.