Quality Content, Google and E.A.T.

In this video I discuss changes to Google’s quality guidelines and the concept of Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

If you would like to ensure you’re getting the best results for your online presence then you need to watch this video.


Hello and Welcome, David Judge here and in this short video I’m going to share how you can make sure the Search Engines love and value your business.

This is an interesting video as we’re going to discuss what is quality content, Google and E.A.T.

The core of what I am going to discuss today comes from a variety of resources and the one I really want to mention was written by Jennifer Slegg, where she discusses an update to Google and how they measure a quality website and brand.

Whilst this update has not been officially released there are other blogs, along with my own research on a number of sites Search Engine visibility that has shown a recent change with the way Google view websites and businesses.

So what is E A T or Eat?

Eat is an acronym that stands for:


Authority and


The idea around Eat is sites that Google find lacking a certain amount of Expertise, Authority and trustworthiness will not be considered as relevant as other sites and as a result will not hold as much search engine visibility as sites that offer more Eat.

So lets look in more detail on each elements of Eat and what you can do to work on each areas.


If we break down the first element, it would be best to explain expertise as an expert that has experience on a particular subject.

Lets look at this in the real world.

How could a carpet cleaner show their expertise in their field. One of the best to do this would be for them to show examples of their work and explain the details around that work. They could even discuss why the job was difficult and how they worked around it to get the result for the client.

Like anything in life, the more experience you gain the more expertise you gain.


Ok, the second element… Authority. If you work on and gain enough Expertise you will naturally become an authority in your industry.

Jamie Oliver is a very well known chef that holds a lot of authority due to his demonstrable expertise in cooking.

Of course he has gained that authority over many years of hard work and toil but Jamie is working on a Global scale where you only need to apply this to your own region or area you service.


Ok, let’s explore the last element… trustworthiness.

Trustworthiness can be gained by others showing their experience in dealing with you.

This is can in the form of independent reviews that demonstrate how it is worth with you.

This is the proof in the pudding, where other demonstrate your results.

You can also gain trust in consistent action in how you represent your business online.

How E.A.T. Can apply to any business

When looking at EAT you can apply this in any sized business, from small to large and in reality the level of activity and method of demonstrating your expertise depends on your business.

One thing for sure is when you look at your website and if you want to can gain more visibility online as well as offering a great experience for your visitors will all come down to how well you can demonstrate why your business stands out from the crowd, and specifically what others think about how you do business.

In the next video…

This in a lot of ways is a lot more than just search engines and is important in getting the best results from the Internet.

Ok, In the next video I’m going to discuss another really important subject for businesses today…

How to easily create Quality Content and the blueprint to ensure you get the most out of all of your efforts. If you’ve wondered the best way to create content around your business then you’re going to enjoy this next video.

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As always this is David Judge showing you how to grow your business online.


http://www.thesempost.com/google-rewrites-quality-rating-guide-seos-need-know/ – A great post by Jennifer Slegg

http://cognitiveseo.com/blog/5536/google-panda-4-0-topical-authority-content-update-2014-case-study/ – This is a really interesting article covering the idea of E.A.T. written by Razvan Gavrillas